This is the SSS Online Inquiry guide and I’d like to reiterate that this SSS site is here just for the sole purpose of providing guides leads and tips on how to make it easier for all SSS members looking for information regarding their SSS table, SSS loan, remittance, SSS branches and more. As much as possible, me, the author would like to help in my own small way to make things easier for all of you by providing here all necessary guides about the Social Security System in the Philippines.

If by any chance that you come here and stumble upon our page, we know that it means only one thing – you need help. So don’t hesitate to ask and I will try my best to attend to all your concerns based on my capability to answer them and give the right guide. I want to help make it easy for all of you with respect to your SSS concerns but please be patient because at times, I may not be available online to answer all of them. Thank you and may you all have a good day.