I first saw it from another Social Security System information blog that the SSS calamity loan is already closed for all members who are looking to apply for the said loan. I didn’t believe it until I stumbled upon the SSS official website.

I was surprised because of the simple fact that the SSS indeed removed the link on their website for the SSS members to see the information and other details pointing to the SSS calamity loan.

SSS Calamity Loan Application

SSS Calamity Loan Application

A few days after it was announced on television, the SSS had their link pointing to information from loan forms, calamity loan requirements and even the 2 part division of the loan. How come? Isn’t there anymore fund for the SSS to offer to their members the said loan?

people needs it so why now it was closed for application? I smell something is going to happen to those funds because of the upcoming election in 2010. I hope I am wrong about this.