The SSS online inquiry system in the Philippines a few years back is well and working. Just a few months or more than a year ago, everything has changed for the SSS website. The log in details of old members who used to access the said online inquiry system doesn’t work anymore today. The question is, what could be the reason why?

Many SSS members have been asking the same question to other online blogs today trying to find a logical reason why they couldn’t access an old account where the log in with their username and password used to work, now no longer doesn’t.

Another dilemma for many and I mean millions of users of the Social Security System looking to access their SSS contribution, loan information and static information via online inquiry system is the sign up process. Before (that is a few years back) it was easy to sign up for an account. Today, whatever you do, all the sign up processes you attempt seem to be useless.

It’s either the SSS won’t send you any username password or the system will generate a account signup failed. What happened. As a responsible blogger, I’d like these questions answered and just in case any official or even P-Noy happens to stumble upon this call, I hope something must be done.