Yes, the big question with regards to the new SSS Unified ID system is that will it work out for the Filipino people who are hungry for the good service of the government especially with the issue of Social Security System in the Philippines? I want to give it a chance now especially that I will be one of those who will benefit from this new implementation by the SSS.

I am actually one of those who are looking forward to use the ID soon and I hope I won’t be disappointed in using it. I’ve been looking forward to an issued ID for 2 years now back in 2009 when I applied for a renewal of my lost SSS ID and now finally, it is here and more with the unified ID system. I do hope this will ease out the stress in making SSS online inquiry as the system does not seem to allow anymore login and sign up based on my comments section here at SSS Online Inquiry System . When is the release of this ID anyway? All it says in press release is that it is on the way.