So have you recently encountered problems with your SSS account log in? Are you on your way to make that SSS online inquiry contribution but cannot access / login / open your account? Well, just to let you know, this is a common situation for many of the members and account holders but tell you what, you can actually read a lot of information online and you will see and prove to yourself that you are not the only one experiencing the same problem.

In fact other members have variations to this problem. Some would say that they cannot even sign up for an account using their email address while others say they have an account but it was closed down and locked up for a password resend but to frankly tell you, most of these problems are just because of the sole reason that some of us do not know how to follow simple instructions.

Fist off, making a mistake in filling out the information required by the SSS website alone can cause you to lose your membership account login. Sometimes it could cause you to get your account locked for another password resend. If you are having this problem, the best thing to do is to go to the nearest SSS branch and get assistance from the customer service.

It is strongly suggested that you go to the SSS main branch in East Avenue, Quezon City as they have computers there where you can actually show the customer service what kind of problem you are encountering on your way to login to your account or create a new account to be able to access your members area data from contribution / remittance, to loans and static information. This way, you can be assured that you can make your SSS online inquiry on your monthly contributions and remittance be it from your company or if you are on a self paying mode.