Not so sure what part of the contribution will increase for SSS members. It could be either the part of the member or the part of the employer or both or the standard. Minimum as far as I know is Php 100 pesos for the self-paying member and as for me, I am currently paying what my last company has been paying for my monthly membership contribution amortization.

From my last work, I was getting a total monthly contribution of Php 1,040 both part of the employer and me as the employee. In case you didn’t know, the total amount of SSS member monthly amortization for employed Pinoys is divided into 2 parts. The first part is paid by the employer and the 2nd part by you, the member. This contribution falls to the static information for which each and everyone of us will know upon inquiry and getting your records. I am merely sharing my experiences here at SSS Online Inquiry blog.

In my case, I didn’t know it was that much that I am contributing but since being a freelance work from home mom gave me more than what my previous job in the Philippines paid me, I opted in to pay the same amount and I’ve been making this contribution for 3 years now. I am planning to increase my monthly dues with the Social Security System but a news came which you can read here –