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You can now like us on Facebook and interact with other members at the SSS Online Inquiry Graffiti Wall. The purpose of this community / forum is to help members let the authorities know that they have grievances that the government should address as Social Security System members in the Philippines. Visit the link below for more information.


The SSS online inquiry system in the Philippines a few years back is well and working. Just a few months or more than a year ago, everything has changed for the SSS website. The log in details of old members who used to access the said online inquiry system doesn’t work anymore today. The question is, what could be the reason why?

Many SSS members have been asking the same question to other online blogs today trying to find a logical reason why they couldn’t access an old account where the log in with their username and password used to work, now no longer doesn’t. Read the rest of this entry »

Whatever you may be up to for your SSS inquiry online , this is just a short guide to help you with your needs regarding Social Security System in the Philippines. Whether you are interested to inquiry for your SSS loan payment, remittance, maternity, housing, paternity or even just the simple SSS member ID application.

You can find a comprehensive guide for your online transaction here – SSS Inquiry. I hope this may be able to help you with your needs. Thank you for visiting here at my blog and good luck.

This is the SSS Online Inquiry guide and I’d like to reiterate that this SSS site is here just for the sole purpose of providing guides leads and tips on how to make it easier for all SSS members looking for information regarding their SSS table, SSS loan, remittance, SSS branches and more. As much as possible, me, the author would like to help in my own small way to make things easier for all of you by providing here all necessary guides about the Social Security System in the Philippines.

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